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PRESS RELEASE: Baptist Health Receives $10K Grant to Purchase PPE For Use in Sterilizing Pharmacy Clean Room

October 20, 2020


MONTGOMERY, AL- Baptist Health of Central Alabama is committed to a safe environment for our team members and patients. As part of that commitment to excellence, Baptist Health has applied for and was awarded a $10,000 grant to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to implement the USP 800 pharmacy standards for handling hazardous drugs and USP 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparation at Baptist Medical Center South.

The grant, awarded by the Healthcare Workers Compensation Fund, seeks to support projects that improve or implement employee safety or risk-reducing workers' compensation exposures. 

“We are grateful to the Health Care Workers Compensation Fund for offering this grant to its members. The safety and security of our team members is a top priority at Baptist Health and we are delighted that the HWCF selected this project to be the recipient of a grant this year,” says Aubrey Bush, Compounding System Manager at Baptist Medical Center South Pharmacy.

Part of the implementation of these standards included the construction of sterile cleanrooms for the mixing of drugs and Baptist Health has constructed such rooms at each pharmacy facility. Along with the construction of the room comes the requirement of a monthly terminal cleaning to include the ceilings, walls, and floors along with every shelf and container in the room. 

The pharmacy is currently recommended to use a sporicidal agent to clean the sterile rooms. Baptist Medical Center South began the use of the sporicidal agent Peridox to accomplish the monthly cleaning, and due to the large room size and resulting vapor, received complaints from team members who conducted the cleaning. The use of Peridox was immediately discontinued to protect team members from the irritation to their eyes and lungs. Upon receipt of the grant and the purchase of the appropriate PPE, regular cleanings with Peridox have begun. 

The BMCS Pharmacy, in consultation with the System Director of Safety, Security, and Emergency Management has determined that it would be best practice to use the grant monies to purchase Powered Air Purifying Respirators to be used by the team members who conduct these required monthly cleanings. The Respirators will allow for the highest level of sterilization to the cleanroom while also eliminating exposure to vapors and enhancing team member safety. 

“By providing the highest level of PPE in the form of PAPR devices for the team members responsible for cleaning with Peridox, Baptist Health will reduce the number of adverse effects as a result of vapors and contact exposure,” says Peter Selman, CEO of Baptist Medical Center South. 

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