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Celebrating Baptist Medical Center East Volunteers - A 30-Year Tradition

April 28, 2021

For more than 30 years, Baptist East Volunteers have been making teddy bears for newborn babies born at Baptist Medical Center East.

Even COVID-19 didn’t stop our volunteers and their meaningful work. Many carried on and worked from home to ensure families were able to welcome their little one with a keepsake bear.

3,600+ teddy bears are crafted and donated annually to newborns! That’s over 18,000 bears in the last five years alone!

“All of our volunteers are wonderful people of character that serve God and our community through volunteering. We are blessed to have them as part of our Baptist Health family. They are the heart of our hospital.”
- Janet Berryman
Manager, Senior Advantage/ Volunteers/Gift Shop Baptist Medical Center East

Our volunteers also financially support their work in numerous ways, by hosting quilt auctions to help raise funds for supplies to make the teddy bears. In 2020, $2,000 was raised during the holiday season with a quilt raffle.

What’s the “Bear Process?”
-3 volunteers cut out the patterns, paint the faces and sew at home
-4 volunteers stuff the bears
-2 volunteers sew them up after stuffing
-Finally, the teddy bears are quarantined for 3 days before they are organized and put into in plastic cellophane bags.

“Time spent together with fellow quilt volunteers is a real fellowship. It’s a wonderful way to help others.”
- Janet Whittle
Quilt Volunteer, 25 years

To learn more about the teddy bear program or quilting, please contact Janet Berryman at (334) 747-9910.

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