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Through community participation, corporate sponsorships, patient and employee giving, the Baptist Health Care Foundation is able to provide invaluable resources to help meet the growing healthcare needs of patients in Central Alabama. 

2020 Year in Review

“…Through the support of you and many others, our Foundation was able to achieve remarkable, unexpected results in 2020 that directly supported Baptist Health’s many services, patients, and team members. Hundreds of stories of hope were produced from your thoughtfulness and generosity, and more are to come in 2021. As we enter into a new year, the staff of the Baptist Health Care Foundation has great hope.”

-Tommy McKinnon
Executive Director, Baptist Health Care Foundation

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The 2021 Baptist Health Care Foundation scholarship process is now open and applications are being accepted!

Completed applications are due Friday, February 26, 2021, at 4 PM, or postmarked by the same date. Please see the application for instructions. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

Please review the Scholarship Criteria carefully to determine eligibility and review increased scholarship opportunities available this year.

If you have any questions about the 2021 application process, please contact the Foundation office at (334) 747-4567 or (334) 747-4534 or

2021 Scholarship Packet



Baptist Health maintains Neonatal Intensive Care Units at Baptist Medical Center East and Baptist Medical Center South, the highest level of neonatal care in Central Alabama serving 850-1,000 of our tiniest and most delicate patients each year.

Through community participation and corporate sponsorship of our annual Birdies for Babies golf tournament, as well as generous contributions from patient families and loved ones, the Neonatal Intensive Care Fund supplements Baptist Health’s ongoing efforts to provide state-of-the-art technology to ensure our NICU patients receive the best resources possible. 


Baptist Hospice Fund

The Baptist Hospice fund provides needed financial assistance to indigent and/or uninsured Hospice patients each year. Baptist Hospice served over 300 patients in 13 counties last year. The majority of those patients were residents of Montgomery, Elmore and Autauga counties.  They dealt with a life-changing diagnosis such as cancer, heart and lung disease or Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  Our pediatric patients lived with either cancer or congenital abnormalities.

Baptist Hospice provided approximately 13,000 days of care with just short of 1,000 of those days being charity care days.  18 patients without a payor source received the same level of compassionate care, through team visits, comfort medications, equipment and supplies as that provided to our patients with a payor source ($200.00 per day X 1,000).

In addition to clinical care, Baptist Hospice has provided assistance with:

  • Utility bills in weather extremes allowing patients to stay in their homes
  • Birthday celebrations for patients from families and for a caregiver from a patient
  • Memory books for a mother who lost her small child
  • Transport of a grandson before the death of his grandmother
  • Extermination of infestations and temporary housing
  • Final wish beach trips and even a memorable anniversary dinner

As you can see, Baptist Hospice is more than just end of life care. Baptist Hospice is LIFE CARE.


American Cancer Society Grant

The Baptist Health Care Foundation appreciates the support of the American Cancer Society.  We recently received another grant in the amount of $10,000 to continue to provide transportation support for our patients at the Montgomery Cancer Center.  This grant will be earmarked for two previously unmet transportation needs 1) rural patients in counties that do not have public transportation support available and 2) patients who require transportation support for surgical care in Birmingham.  Public transportation service is not available in Butler, Pike and Bullock counties, making transportation especially challenging for patients who live in these counties.  In these counties, 25.8%, 39.6%, and 25.9% respectively of the population lives in below the federal poverty limit. Transportation is often provided by a family member or friend who then can experience financial strain due to lost wages, car maintenance, wear and tear and personal expenses.  Frequently, family or friends require reimbursement from the patient. For these patients, transportation to MCC for office visits, treatment appointments, and radiation appointments can be a constant struggle, placing them at risk for poor compliance and suboptimal outcomes.

Team Member Giving Campaign

Mission Makers 2020 Campaign Total

A total of 796 team members donated to the 2020  Mission Makers Campaign for a total amount pledged of $177,682!

Top Funds for 2020

These funds are the most popular funds with Team Members

1) Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund

2) Montgomery Cancer Center Patient Assistance Fund

3) NICU Fund

4) Unrestricted Fund

5) Baptist Hospice Fund

6) Diabetes Fund

So, What's Next? Where does the money go?        

Due to team member generosity, we can support many funds and efforts each year. For example, we will soon deliver youth themed Bibles to the Adolescent Unit at Crossbridge. Paid for with the Kathy and Kathryn Kelley Bible Fund, these Bibles will serve as a valuable resource and source of encouragement for these young patients.

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